~~~~~online gatherings ~~~~~
"Quarantine is an opportunity to be more aware of our immediate surroundings. This protocol helps to pay closer attention to household objects."
"Take the time to fully pay attention to the object in a way you wouldn't ordinarily permit yourself to do."
~~~~~politics of attention II.~~~~~
"Attention lies at the nexus of perception and action, aesthetics and ethics, wealth and power. Whose eyes (and minds) are where? And for how long? These are central questions driving the evolution of politics, capitalism, and personhood in the twenty-first century. New technologies and new practices are reshaping our understanding of the attentional subject—with consequences for learning, subjectivity, and social life. In what ways can the conditions of collective existence be maintained and improved as we negotiate a radically transformed world of solicitation?  What transformative potentials lie nascent in aesthetic practices, artistic interventions, and the history of spiritual exercises?"
Full description by Graham Burnett available here.
~~~~~supplementary texts~~~~~
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