Site Specific Compact. 2020.
car visor mirror, steel handle, moss
Tawdry Decoy Pouf. 2020.
fabric, wood, rock, clay, porcelain shard, beeswax and acrylic, fool's gold, sand, eye shadow, gold leaf, wire, foil
Each sextant contains a rock, shard, or gem with a transverse decoy rock, shard, or gem.
Something of Substance Gift Box. 2020.
Theatrical Inversion. 2020.
Advent Calendar. 2020.
canvas, book board, hand marbled paper, acrylic, seashells, latex, stones, mirrors, brass wire,
lip gloss container, velvet, fake pearls, moss, spandex
The inside of every box is uniquely curated to hold a tiny scroll, which contains a different "protocol"
for each day of the month. The protocols are abstract enough to be repeated. A few examples:

Find a patch of light. Put something in it.
Memorize someone's phone number. Call them and let them know.
Invert a piece of your personality for the day.
Research a thread of history from the land beneath your feet. Take notes. Bury them ceremoniously.
Surf the internet for a niche website. Dwell in its architecture. Perform a gesture of good internet citizenship.
Highly Valuable Gems in Hexagonal Box. 2019.
Disco Briefcase. 2019.
Fenestration Box. 2020.
Bedazzled Deck. 2019.
Augur Box. 2019.
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